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Who are we?

Who are we?

14.10.2015 Petr Hudec

We are an international team of experienced and highly educated skiing and snowboarding instructors, holders of the highest licenses in the Czech Republic and Austria, ISIA card and ISIA mark. The experience and skills of our lecturers guarantee the highest quality of courses.ACSI organizes ski and snowboard courses for instructors not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Austria, Israel and China. Our education is recognized not only in the Czech Republic, Europe, but also in Australia, China and Asia.

  ACSI Chairman Ing. Róbert Záboj

was one of the first in the Czech Republic to complete the highest level of ski training, including ISIA certification, and he also holds the Austrian Landesschilehrer diploma. He has over 30 years of experience teaching clients and new instructors in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Australia. He is a founding member of the teaching corps in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the author of several skiing methodologies and also participated as a lecturer in courses organized by the Russian Association of Skiing Instructors in Russia (Urals, Caucasus). He still actively competes - he is a multiple medalist and winner of national competitions in GS ski instructors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and in the Ski School Demo Teams competition. He is a 5-time winner of the Czech Masters Cup, in 2022 he became the Czech Masters Champion in slalom and GS, dominated the Visegrád Masters Cup and is also regularly placed on the podium in the World Masters Cup.


  Mgr. Aleš Mach

holder of complete ISIA certification, professional teacher and lecturer with many years of experience, experience from the USA, New Zealand and Australia, co-author of ski methodologies and publications, participant of several INTERSKI congresses as a member of the demo team and multiple winner of the Czech Republic Demo Teams. Currently, co-owner and operator of the Monínec Ski School, in the Monínec ski resort, where, thanks to the special Snowfactory technology, there is snow and skiing already from mid-November, which allows us to be the first in the Czech Republic to hold courses for new instructors at the beginning of the season under exclusive conditions.


  Frak Kacer

holder of complete ISIA certification, has worked on three continents in his 30 years of experience as a director, manager, chief instructor, trainer and chief examiner, author of several ski methodologies and publications.
Currently the owner of the Snowgate ski school network in China. His school in Shanghai won the prestigious prize Best ski school of 2021. He is also a multiple champion of the Czech Republic in the Demo Teams competition, a participant in the Powder 8 World Cup and the World Championship of Skiing Teachers.

  Saša Farič

ACSI lecturer since 2016 holder of complete ISIA certification in Slovenia. As a junior, she was a member of the Slovenian national alpine skiing team and later, after switching to Ski cross, she competed successfully and won 5 podium positions in the World Cup, in which she finished 2nd overall. Xgames bronze medalist in Ski cross and participant of the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

  Ing. Roland Rocky Janičina

a lecturer with the highest ISIA certification, also several times Champion of the Czech Republic in the Demo Team competition, has 30 years of experience teaching clients and instructors in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Italy and Australia. Participant of several INTERSKI congresses and participant of the Ski Teachers' World Championship.

  Simon Lauriola

is our long-time lecturer, the head instructor of the ski school on the Stubai Glacier and at the same time the coach of the junior national team of Tyrol. Holder of full ISIA certification and holder of the highest level of Austrian education Staatlich gepruft Schilehrer including Austrian coaching license.

  Marek Bača

holder of the highest ISIA certification, over 20 years of experience and the last 10 years working for a Swiss ski school in the prestigious St. Moritz.

You can find more about the other members and specializations of our teaching team in the teaching staff section.



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